Comment 131 for bug 332945


As far as I can tell none of those "changes" address the chief complaints, as I understand them, that I've seen voiced here.

* automated opening of a window
No matter how you go about this, it *is* more obtrusive than the previous, and preferred, notification icon. I've yet to see anything that disputes this, other than some claimed "study".

* timely notification of updates in an unobtrusive manner
See the previous point

* persistent notification of updates or need for reboot
I think this one is self explanatory

What I took from the message you reference was that the above points are seen as unimportant, as non of them were commented on or even addressed. Perhaps this is not the impression that was intended. There's a huge difference between getting everything one asked for and getting nothing at all. I'm not sure if you're deliberately trying to misconstrue my statements, I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I don't think I (or the other users) are asking for much here. I simply don't want my OS pestering, which is exactly what a flashing window in my taskbar would be. I don't know about others, but flashing items tend to draw my attention, perhaps this is a personal flaw. However, a flashing window drawing my attention means taking my attention away from what I was working on. This is obtrusive, no matter how you look at it, and thus unacceptable. The previous behavior of opening an icon in the notification area was not obtrusive or distracting.