Comment 9 for bug 86028

Andrew Somerville (andy16666) wrote :

I suspect that this bug is a result of the design of dpkg. Does anybody know specifically what causes the popups? Is it the installation scripts in the individual packages?

There is no doubt in my experience that this is a stopper for some users. Specifically experienced users who've used other platforms and later tried Ubuntu. As an experienced Linux user I'm just glad to be able to upgrade, although honestly I've yelled at my computer over this one after walking away to let an upgrade run, only to come back and find that it's stopped and waiting for input several hours from completion.

What it comes down to is that this issue requires the user to attend the upgrade which can sometimes take 10-12 hours, and which clearly should not require periodic user input. So from an HCI standpoint it's extremely bad behavior. And while I realize the difficulty in bringing together thousands of separate package scripts into a coherent user interface, I think this bug really deserves much more developer attention than it seems to have gotten.

PS - It's definitely a major paper cut.