Comment 24 for bug 510212

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

I discussed these icons with Sam yesterday. While a shopping bag is the existing metaphor for USC, it would not be appropriate for Software Sources or Software Updater. The latter two have very little to do with shopping.

And while it would be good for the icons to look like a family of three, that does not require using the same overall shape. That might actually be undesirable, if they become hard to distinguish in a small or folded Launcher. They could share the same color scheme, texture, and/or symbols, without sharing the same overall shape.

I suggested experimenting with the box metaphor currently used for Software Sources and Software Updater, with things that make the overall shape distinct. For example:
- USC could be a magic box, with applications flying out like they do from the current USC icon. <>
- Software Sources could be the same box, but closed, with gearwheels or a spanner.
- Software Updater could be an airdrop, the box with a parachute.