Comment 24 for bug 456523

@Michael Vogt: after the freeze I was not able to switch to a console. My first plan was to kill the xserver before the freeze and change the user (I have auto login - and if you start a root console from recovery console: and start X you can not change the auto login because the root account can not unlock???)... because I knew the freeze was very late in the boot, like right before the black screen with the two white bars on top and bottom change to the normal looking desktop... this gave me the hint that there is something in my home folder that is preventing me from starting up... so I created a new user to test this... but at this time I didn't know all I needed was to start gdm... so I rebooted and tried to zap the x server so I see the login (because of auto login, this worked in the past), but this was not enabled (is there a key I can hold down to abort the auto login?).
So I changed back to root console and renamed my home directory and copied the new uses directory in it's place... since this time I have no more problems. Except all my personal configuration is lost, but this is only the kids PC with Edubuntu. I'm not sure what is causing the issues, if there is a logfile you know about that could help I would like to look.