Comment 10 for bug 456523

reopen 153860
originator 153860 <email address hidden>

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Rob Browning wrote:

> This should be closed then, since it looks like the gettext bug has
> also been fixed.

Please don't. Failing to work just because a missing dependency when it
is *perfectly* possible for emacsen-common to deal with this is wrong.

Please change the ERROR messages into a WARNING and modify
emacs-package-install so that it does whatever it's required to
initialize the database. Pause the upgrade until the user press Enter
if you like, so that the user has time to write down the message and
report it as a bug, tell the user to submit a serious bug if you like,
but Debian is known (and we aim) to be *robust*. The fact that
emacsen-common makes the upgrade to fail when there is not a real and
absolute need damages the reputation of Debian being robust.