Comment 5 for bug 277873

BryanFRitt (bryanfritt) wrote :

I ran into this same problem when I tried to upgrade 11.10 to 12.04, same changes fixed the problem
I ended up doing something like:
commenting out the
`UPGRADER_DIR=dists/$CODENAME/main/dist-upgrader/binary-all` line. (put a # infront of it)
Then change the fullpath line to `fullpath=$ISOPATHGOESHERE/dists/$CODENAME/main/dist-upgrader/binary-all` replacing `$ISOPATHGOESHERE` with the full path for the mounted ISO path, cd path, or whatever it may be
(optional) comment out the `exit 1` lines... it cased the terminal to exit without leaving the errors visable
and put word `sudo` infront of the `$TMPDIR/$CODENAME --cdrom "$cddirname" $@` line
(note: don't copy the ` ` characters)