Comment 22 for bug 241305

Ryan Rawdon (flieslikeabrick) wrote :

Now that Ubuntu supports network installs over IPv6 (as of Oneiric?), the default repositories (including but not limited to the security updates repo) should really support IPv6. It is sad to see that Canonical's ASN isn't announcing any IPv6 prefixes nor has any IPv6 peers up yet. Many other Linux and BSD distributions are years ahead of Ubuntu for IPv6 support on the default, official repositories. Some of them have claimed to be and tested to be 100% compatible with an IPv6-only environment. I don't think Ubuntu can even consider claiming to be IPv6-only-compliant until the default repositories support it.

Indeed IPv6-only machines are uncommon, but Andre's statements about Carrier Grade NAT are true and growing in importance. IPv6-only devices are going to become more common as compute clusters and other environments which do not need to communicate with the outside network become common. I wouldn't be surprised if cloud providers (Amazon, Rackspace, Azure, etc) start offering IPv6-only instances in the near future. As far as I'm concerned, Ubuntu's lack of care for dogfooding themselves with IPv6-capable infrastructure heads down a road of precluding them from deployment in such environments.

(and yes, we do have some IPv6-only virtual machines on which I test our applications - these machines do not have NAT64'ed access to the outside world for updates, so we are forced to use an unofficial mirrors. This is in addition to many, many machines [ both virtual and physical] which are dual-stacked and are using unofficial IPv6-enabled mirrors)