Comment 7 for bug 193879

pokkets (pokkets1) wrote :

I know the var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log is getting to around 11,000 lines now and while it no doubt repeats it's self a fair bit, No doubt I'm telling you a lot you already know, butI hope the additional comments will help the trace, but I'm just trying to work out where the root of the bug is by a process of elimination. If I caused it, it will help me to avoid repeating the mistake. The binary-i386 file was from kubuntu-disk/dists/stable/main/dist-upgrader, and the same file was in Edubuntu which upgraded.
The errors were "Conflicts with installed package dpkg" same with the I don't know if that will show up on the file I sent if it doesn't have access to my system, could be in apt.log somewhere
Another problem that might be solved when I get a new laptop.
"WARNING:root:envy detected, trying to workaround"
 right at the bottom paragraph.
 I have an 'obsolete' Windows graphics card that is locked into the laptop it can't be upgraded. Micrisoft are doing their utmost to get a monopoly-but that's an entirely different bug.
Envy came out of the box with ultimate 1.7, and the drivers wont install without nvidia, or ati . I thought I'd taken it out, but I just did so. It can wait until I get a dual core with a decent graphics card.
 While you can't serve two masters, a server can have two masters - Perhaps Ubuntu and Mandriva. As long as one of them isn't microsoft They want to keep peoples minds in the box. Mr gates is getting old isn't he, and it get's harder to teach an old dog new tricks - but as he said One minute you're at the top of the Christmas tree, next minute your a falling star - or something like that.