Comment 2 for bug 193879

pokkets (pokkets1) wrote :

There is another thing I that I think I contributed to the failure When I added Kubuntu and Edubuntu to 3rd party they offered upgrades. I'm sure I upgraded with edubuntu, but when I added kubuntu I didn't upgrade. The system and disks have all been 7.10, but since there hasn't been an upgrade, as it is seen as a source now.
in var/lib/apt/cdrom.list.distUpgrade Kubuntu is mentioned.
CD::e032efd736b74e8c1b9387dca955a778-2 "Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016)";
CD::e032efd736b74e8c1b9387dca955a778-2::Label "Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016)";
CD::8aaf4197d875581ff2ee8404b51d9932-2 "Kubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016.1)";
CD::8aaf4197d875581ff2ee8404b51d9932-2::Label "Kubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386
in software sources, the release number was quoted, and said upgrades from CD cannot be downloaded
I went to terminal /media/ apt-cdrom add which was suggested in the box which came up after I reloaded software and the kubuntu disc number was included. I think the update manager is trying upgrade, when I might have to work out how to do it in terminal. I might get out of Xscript and go into a kde session . Since I added debian40r2 Synaptic has dropped its 23000 packages, and when the disks are unmarked, there are about 3000. There are over 20,000 on the disks, so the only worry is that some of the packages that can't be downloaded are in security and updates I think Etch has replaced the download sources out of the box.-There would have been a lot of doubling up otherwise. So far it hasn't caused any problems as far as I know, but I like to play around, knowing there isn't too much trouble reinstalling the system if i have root tar I'll attach the latest /var/log/distUpgrade