Comment 13 for bug 193879

pokkets (pokkets1) wrote :

The session was Xclient script
This bug was solved with two steps
I Started from scratch on a usb to pinpoint the problem
with the same added sources I got an update icon when debian was added
Which gave a partial, then failed upgrade notification
I checked the list of upgrades, they were primarily the replacement of debian unstable packages with the ubuntu version. There were also packages listed which were not to be upgraded
I unmarked all added 3rd party sources. The prime culprit was debian Etch. When they were removed some irreconcilable upgrades were removed from the upgrade.
Any programs that were listed but not upgraded were upgraded in synaptic package manager, where some conflicts, and dependency issues could be resolved.
The upgrades for the irreconcilable programs would not upgrade in synaptic either, those were the programs that disappeared from the upgrade when the 3rd party sources were removed.