Comment 19 for bug 1412943

Robie Basak (racb) wrote :

> and then you want me to send you mails while you are having working bugtracker where problems never get resolved.

This is an infrastructure operational issue, not a bug in the update-manager package in Ubuntu. This bug tracker is used to track bugs in Ubuntu itself, not infrastructure issues. Canonical IS (the operational infrastructure department at Canonical) do not use Launchpad bugs to track their issues. They use RT, a ticketing system designed to help track this kind of problem. And Paul has made it clear how to raise a ticket in this system in his comment above.

My Linode server can reach 2001:67c:1562::19 just fine, so it isn't clear if this is an issue at Linode, at Canonical, or somewhere in between. Our operational guys are willing to help resolve this, but if you can't even be bothered to raise a ticket with them, it isn't reasonable for you to expect your problem to be solved.

I should have marked this bug as Invalid, but I have not because I thought it would be helpful to users to leave it open. Apparently this is not the case, so I'm marking it Invalid now to make it clear that:

1) Commenting on this bug isn't going to help; contact Canonical IS as instructed in comment 17 above instead.

2) This is not a bug in the update-manager package in Ubuntu, so there is nothing to fix there.

You may still comment on this bug if you'd like to communicate with other people affected by this; but do not expect anyone at Canonical to read it. For that, contact Canonical IS as explained in comment 17 above.

> I am salty because this is not the first problem I am trying to help to be resolved, and this one looks like every other - no activity at all.

Because, as explained, you aren't raising your issue in the right place.