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Bug #1758009: Unity not starting: compiz-config crashes on login Undecided Confirmed 255 weeks
Bug #1245473: Binding ctrl+shift, alt+shift, etc for switching keyboard layout makes shortcuts with ctrl+shift, etc not working in any program High Triaged 291 weeks
Bug #1291359: multiscreen spanning wallpaper does not span on lock screen Undecided Confirmed 307 weeks
Bug #1625780: Secondary monitor menus not opening on mouseover Undecided Confirmed 348 weeks
Bug #1465340: Incorrect subpixel font rendering in Unity Panel when using Radiance Undecided Confirmed 433 weeks
Bug #1295793: Workspace launcher gives no feedback on Activate or during Expo Undecided New 497 weeks
Bug #1235649: uevent spam causes libdbus client code in session upstart to consume massive amounts of memory on Ubuntu Touch Undecided Confirmed 520 weeks
Bug #930148: Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ? Wishlist Confirmed 597 weeks
Bug #855661: Some indicators are completely white when the dash is open Low Confirmed 628 weeks
Bug #740178: Update the INSTALL file. Low Confirmed 650 weeks
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