Comment 75 for bug 988079

I've installed Unity from the SRU PPA and it improved performence greatly but it's still far from what it should be.

glmark2 and glxgears run without problems. glmark2 reports in every result more than 2 thousand fps while glxgears as expected about 60 fps.

Unfortunately in the Heaven 3.0 benchmark the performance is terrible compared to Gnome Shell and E17 Ecomorph.

Heaven Benchmark v3.0 Basic
                               Unity SRU PPA Gnome Shell E17 Ecomorph
                                   5.3 11.9 13.6
                                   134 301 341
Min FPS:
                                   3.0 3.9 8.5
Max FPS:
                                   10.1 27.2 29.7

Linux 64bit GCC 4.4.5 Release Mar 7 2012
Operating system:
Linux 3.5.0-10-generic x86_64
CPU model:
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+
CPU flags:
1332MHz MMX+ 3DNow!+ SSE SSE2 SSE3 HTT
GPU model:
GeForce 9600 GT PCI Express 304.37 512Mb

I'm also having problems with sound (Open Sound System v4.2-2006) while running this Unigine benchmark (stuttering) and they only occur in Unity. The same goes for games run through Wine but even native Trine 2.

I'm sorry that I don't provide results for Gnome Classic with Compiz but it's because when I select it in LightDM the thing that shows up is Gnome panels and Unity Dock. I think it's not the way it supposed to be.