Comment 7 for bug 744325

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

Just a note on this particular bug (that shouldn't influence the decision of what's the best option by default):
- this issue is due to compiz being puzzled in the stack order (mainly, it doesn't know that there is a window under the launcher). It's the same issue which leaded to the "invisible windows" that we still sometimes gets. That's basically why when you are in that state, clicks "go through" the launcher and the apps below (or the desktop) are affected.
This doesn't only impact the intellihide, as sometimes, some windows can be on screen and appears completely unresponsive.
There is a workaround in compiz which should "fix" this issue (regularly restack the whole windows in the right order) that will be uploaded right away beta1.

- the only false positive case we seem to encounter in the intellihide behavior as of today is a case where nux doesn't send us (or that we don't capture unity-side) the "leave" events. I'm investigating it this week to see if that can be fixed.

Again, this is an update on this bug and the intellihide state. It shouldn't influence the usability of what should be the default option :)