Comment 2 for bug 735781

I have done some testing with this bug. I can replicate with this technique the mode of failure in the alt-f2 runner:

 1) <Alt-F2>
 2) Type 'xlogo'
 3) Wait until xlogo appears. Click on it with the mouse.
 4) Close the xlogo window that appears
 5) <Alt-F2>
 6) Quickly type 'xeyes<enter>'

Expected Behaviour:
 - 1 xlogo window appears
 - 1 xeyes window appears.

Actual Behaviour:
 - 2 xlogo window appears.

It seems that this <alt-f2> run dialog is not implemented as a run dialog, but an active incremental search dialog, and the <enter> stops the search from running and simply runs the last match. If you type the command name too quickly, the search never functions at all, and the previous search result from the previous invocation is used.

I would appreciate someone replicating this behavior for me.