Comment 34 for bug 704231

NickNackGus (nicknackgus) wrote :

Personally, I just didn't like Unity using Super as a standalone button. (In the words of Alton Brown, "It's a uni-tasker!") I made Alt-F1 open the launcher, and disabled keyboard focus to the dash. While I was at it, I also made the dash appear only if I touched the upper-left corner. I still have to move my cursor below the panel to make this work, and Unity shortcuts stop working almost entirely, but it opened up the ability to set custom shortcuts again. For instance, Super-T (for Text) opens LibreOffice Writer instead of the trash bin, which I rarely use.

That said, I am not entirely against the dash or Unity interface. I still have all of that enabled, and use it frequently. I love being able to quickly find an application I need NOW by simply typing its name or command. I love that, despite the search being the default, which makes sense, I can still browse all my software to see if there's anything I haven't used in a while. It is also quite beautiful, and has great potential.

However, I miss being able to add and edit commands in the launcher. For instance, I would like to easily find the terminal command for (Program name here), or place Linux Multimedia Studio in the Unity launcher where it belongs, or maybe add my custom shell scripts to the launcher, set to run in the terminal or background according to a setting. All of that could be done with a right click. I like to customize it to best fit my needs, which is something that needs to be easier to do. MyUnity and CCSM help, but there is surely more that can be edited.