Comment 16 for bug 681348

Alex: A toggable "Show me Desktop" button allows file access without losing working state. Alt-tabbing or opening a new copy of the file-manager changes state. Manual minimisation by individually focusing and minimising one window at a time (note, currently two steps under Unity) all twenty windows reverses the order of the stack and requires another twenty clicks to even attempt to undo.

By comparision, in GNOME v2 Panel it was possibly to address a particular window (such as the Terminal containing your email) by its positional location on the task bar (for me it was always the first one). That is no longer the case, the only predictable axis remaining under Unity is the vertical stack z-ordering.

My scratch space for files used to be the Desktop. I could save stuff there, I could easily visit it (and return). Under Unity getting the files "on the Desktop" requires:

  1. Top-left (open the Launcher)
  2. Open Nautilus by either the File Manager or Trash buttons
  3. Find and click on "desktop"

The icons on these screen are not laid out like the desktop; the background colour is wrong. The window size and position is different every time. Type a-head does not work because the focus is still left on the word "Desktop" in the left-hand listbox.

Predictable. Fast. Non-intrusive.