Comment 9 for bug 1370017

Margarita Manterola (marga-9) wrote :

I'm still seeing this on an up-to-date Trusty instance.

$ apt-cache policy unity
  Installed: 7.2.4+14.04.20141217-0ubuntu1
  Candidate: 7.2.4+14.04.20141217-0ubuntu1

$ apt-cache policy compiz
  Installed: 1:
  Candidate: 1:

The reproduction case is:
1) In a Unity environment, start a terminal
2) Lock the screen
3) From the lockscreen, restart the machine

  No interaction is possible while the machine is shutting down.
  It's possible to interact with the terminal for around 3 seconds.

The SRU instructions didn't include the "open terminal" step, it might be that that's why this was verified even if it's not actually fixed?