Comment 3 for bug 1345505

I've found a way to trigger this without needing to suspend (which hopefully will make it easier to debug :-)...

1) Open a terminal.
2) Run: "sleep 5 && gnome-terminal --maximize"
3) Quickly (before 5 seconds has elapsed), press "CTRL+l" to lock the screen.
4) Don't touch keyboard or mouse for about 10 seconds to give the lock screen time to dim the screen to black.
5) *Before* the cursor disappears (normally happens about 2 seconds after the screen is fully black), tpe random characters or hold down a key continually until the lock screen is displayed again.
6) Either delete the characters in the password box and reenter you actual password, or press return and enter you actual password.
7) Observe that the maximised gnome-terminal that is now revealed shows atleast a subset of the keys you typed when the screen was locked.