Comment 179 for bug 1170647

David Santos ( wrote :

When I open a mounted drive, it is opened in Nautilus, is it not? So then why would it not show that window under the Nautilus icon? That's the mental association I make, anyway: if it's a folder, it's under the Nautilus icon. Now, I have to stop and remember in what device the folder in question is, so that I can determine which icon I should click to bring that window to front.

If there is an option to make it group all Nautilus windows under the Nautilus icon, I'd very much like to know how to enable it. If there isn't one, I for one think there should be.

Regarding tabs, I'd rather have different windows (grouped under the Nautilus icon), instead of multiple tabs in the same window. That way I can go to the Nautilus window with the folder I want from Alt-Tab or the Nautilus icon, instead of having to switch to Nautilus and then to the tab I want. I have been using Ubuntu for years, and I could count in the fingers of one hand how many times I actually opened a new tab in an existing Nautilus window.

Then again, I have no problem with tabs on my web browser (more often than not I have a single browser window with several tabs), so maybe it's just a matter of getting used to using tabs instead of separate windows.

Still, having all Nautilus windows under a single icon on Unity (even if as an option that is disabled by default) is a must, IMO.