Comment 51 for bug 1206268

Michael Terry (mterry) wrote :

For the thumbnailer package:

Minor notes:
* Has a few tests, which are run during build. Great!
* No major bugs, builds fine.
* Uses our CI infrastructure, so easy releases, with automated testing.
* It uses $TN_UTILDIR to optionally point at its vs-thumb helper executable. "TN_" doesn't seem like a robustly-unique prefix for a library to use. An app developer may not even know that they are using libthumbnailer0, and might somehow set the env var. I'd prefer to see something like $THUMBNAILER_UTILDIR. Minor issue though.

Things I'd really like to see fixed:
* Could really use a symbols file. See for a method of demangling C++ symbols.

* Needs a team subscriber.