Comment 11 for bug 1055952

Kerem Hadımlı (keremhd) wrote :

It's not about Tor, or my IP address / who I am getting sent to remote servers. It is about "what" is being sent.

It sends my search term to the world outside my personal computer without my given consent (and without informing me that it assumes my consent), That search terms might contain information on "who I am" combined with "what I want to keep to my own".

I don't type generic terms like "doc files" or "music" in my dash, I type in names of my personal files, which by itself is enough to contain sensitive information I don't want anyone in Canonical (or men-in-the-middle on my network) to see.

This bug is not only related with "direct data leaking to amazon", it is also "direct data leaking to canonical".