Comment 14 for bug 1054776

payload (payload) wrote :

I suggest a opt-in with a privacy protection notice.

- to prevent accidental leakage of local information (file paths)
  - have a separate search bar for online searches
  - a local filter won't make it, cause an error in the file path (typing "secrez-filename" won't exactly match locally, but some fuzzy matching online would alarm some special person "oh, where is a 'secret-filename'!")

- to inform the user what data is shared with others
  - pop up a notice about what, who, why (the obvious needs to be told) etc.
  - if he wants it or not ("no" and "yes")
  - consequences in case of clicking "no"
  - a link to the third party (amazon) privacy agenda
  - required by german law (especially cause its commercial? would need to look that up)
  - a checkbox somewhere to revoke

- granularity and configurability is your judgement