Comment 122 for bug 1054776

Luke (lukekuhn) wrote :

Responding to Mario Vukelic in # 118: "And what are you talking about 'a new user who has yet to learn to use the terminal to remove the shopping lens'? There is a switch in Privacy settings now."

Example: When I first set my sister's laptop up with Ubuntu, it took her quite a while to learn to administer the machine from terminal OR from GUI without having to call me up on the phone for tech support, or worse, make arrangements to bring the machine over for tech support.

Worst-case example: Person A gives an Ubuntu CD to person B after hearing one too many phone calls for tech support on Windoze. Person B installs from that live disk, only to get a dash full of ads. Person B is furious with person A, who was not present to remove the shopping lens at install time.

As for why I have not seen the switch in privacy settings, that is because I never installed and never will install any kind of shopping lens. In addtion, I always remove Zeitgeist from my systems and block the recently-used.xbel file to prevent any attacker from copying recently used data. In addition this protects the privacy of anyone I give an unencrypted version of my private fork by default.