Comment 119 for bug 1054776

Stephan Sokolow (ssokolow) wrote :

Mario, that doesn't address a lot of the concerns.

If the commenters on the Mozilla bug I previously mentioned are to be believed, you're on legally shaky ground in Germany just sending the Home lens searches over the web as opt-in rather than opt-out, regardless of how you encrypt them and whether or not you link to a privacy policy.

The blog post makes no mention of that, nor does it make any mention of how you plan to avoid running afoul of other local laws such as the ones requiring opt-in parental permission to gather data from minors in various countries.

Also, you still provided no explanation for why such a half-baked feature was fast-tracked past the feature freeze by executive fiat. Isn't this sort of mess exactly what feature freezing is supposed to prevent? What was so urgent about this feature that you were willing to jeopardize all your carefully cultivated user goodwill in a minor PR fiasco like this?

Finally, central to this very bug report, why are you guys so adamant that we have to choose between having our Amazon search in the home lens or not at all? What's wrong with a generic shopping lens or even a remote/web lens?

With a little more transparency and more focus on providing a single news destination for this feature, you might not have had to write your post asking people to stay on topic.