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I completely agree that current_uri as a new parameter however once u use it
u will need to use the the logic i described before:

So lets say I have a file that has been moved from /home/seif/foo to
/home/seif/bar. This means I query for all events where subject_uri =
/home/seif/foo so I get all results until the point it was moved, right? And
if I ask for /home/seif/bar I get all events with subject_uri =
/home/seif/foo as well as all subject_uri = /home/seif/bar ... ?

I dont mind using it for deletes. As I said its a nautilus patch

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 8:21 PM, Michal Hruby <email address hidden> wrote:

> I still didn't understand why would the current_uri be part of event,
> isn't it by definition a property of the subject? That way you don't
> need to update dozens of events, just one subject entry...
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> Monitoring Create/Move/Copy Files events
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> of the bug.
> Status in Unity: Triaged
> Status in Unity Files Place: Triaged
> Status in Zeitgeist Framework: Confirmed
> Status in Zeitgeist Datahub: Confirmed
> Bug description:
> An issue we are facing at the moment is that ppl lose track of there files
> in a timeline if the file was moved around or renamed. I would propose using
> taskview or patch nautilus to actually grab those events and either:
> 1) Modify the uris in the uris table
> 2) Create a new table with | new_id | old_uri_id | event | to map uris
> to their actual ids and the event that allowed the change, this would allow
> us to track a history of renaming or moving a file. It will look a bit like
> the following:
> 9 | 9 | 48124 # CREATE EVENT
> 12 | 9 | 48126 # MOVE EVENT
> In other words the last row means uri 12 was moved from uri 9 with event
> 48126
> 3) Create a changable_uri table that is a map of the uri table. it gets
> updated upon moved and rename.
> We then add new resulttype that allow you to ask for either pureSubject or
> adaptedSubject. depending on which one is chosen we then use the according
> table in the join of the find_events_query :)
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