Comment 4 for bug 1591157

confirmed that environment variable set before opening the app works. Whose project do we complain at that QT apps don't (or rather, only inconsistently) follow this setting?

(For instance, when I set that in my ~/.profile, a different QT5 app, in which originally *some* of its widgets are scaled correctly, and some tiny, now has those former ones twice as big and the others normal-size.)

FWIW I put this in my ~/.profile:

QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO=$(gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface scaling-factor | cut -f2 -d' ')

Obviously not ideal though. And I'm not even sure that's the correct setting, seeing as it's an integer value, and shows an int even when scaling factor in the display prefs is set to a fractional value.

But it fixes it for now so I can use webapp-container for TweetDeck, and that's where I came in. ;-)