Comment 144 for bug 903422

I'm using a Galaxy Tab2 7.0 and have had similar problems. I cannot access the device at all using any of the known mtp tools (mtpfs, go-mtpfs, or jmptfs). I supposed that maybe upgrading to libmtp-1.1.5 will help.

I downloaded the libmtp-1.1.5 tarball, dropped in the debian/ directory from the previous version's deb src, changed debian/changelog and built a new deb containing the various packages for version 1.1.5.

mtp-detect succeeds. go-mtpfs and jmptfs work. Sometimes "fusermount -u foobar" will fail because the system thinks I'm still doing something in foobar. Regular mtpfs works unacceptably. It seems that it does a union mount of the internal sdcard on top of the external sdcard and sets all the permissions to 777.

I hope this helps.