Comment 10 for bug 504883

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

current status of this bug:
 Due to this bug, cloud-init has to run later in the boot process than we would like. Ideally it would run on the stated conditions and block other upstart jobs from running. That allows for the most modification of initial boot without re-starting jobs. Currently, as a work around the cloud-init process runs much later.
 When this bug is fixed and cloud-init runs earlier in the boot process there quite likely could be fallout due to a difference in environment than it is currently running in (ie, which filesystems are mounted and such). Because of that, I'd like to see this bug fixed sooner rather than later.

 - Steve debugged and found this is an issue with udev . Events are being lost, upstart is not getting the events and thus the stated 'start on' condition never occurs.
 - Steve mentioned that Keybuk is working on finding a solution with upstream udev.