Comment 2 for bug 649064

Duane Hinnen (duanedesign) wrote :

sorry to hear ubuntu one is not working as expected. First lets make sure you have completed these steps to authorize your computer to sync Notes. Even though you may have done this already for setting up file sync you need to do this again for Tomboy. It's helpful to put "Tomboy" in the name in order to identify this entry as being for notes sync.

If that is done and Notes are still not syncing we would greatly appreciate if you could follow these steps to attach debug information to this bug report.

1. Quit Tomboy
2. Applications->Accessories->Terminal, and run:

      tomboy --debug > ~/tomboy_debug.log

3. Try to reproduce the bug (sync).

This will create a file in your $HOME directory called tomboy_debug. Attach ~/tomboy_debug.log to this bug report using the 'Add Attachment or Patch' button at the bottom of this page.

thank you,