Comment 7 for bug 487123

Dear Goyo,

it's still a mess. After logging in it just won't connect:

Unable to load page

Problem occurred while loading the URL

Cannot connect to destination

I've installed Dropbox now. That's much better.

Thanks anyway.


On Wed, 2010-01-06 at 18:18 +0000, Goyo wrote:
> I'm not behind a proxy.
> I could fix this by following an advice I read somewhere. I purged
> ubuntune-client and ubuntuone-client-gnome and deleted all ubuntuone
> files and folders I found in my home directory (this included hidden
> files and folders and ~/Ubuntu One), reboot and installed ubuntuone-
> client-gnome again --I tried before just deleting files and folders but
> it didn't work.
> After that, the first time I opened ubuntuone my browser showed
> something like "An error has occurred in Lainchpad, we'll try to fix it"
> (sorry I didn't make a copy of the message).
> Then I closed ubuntuone and opened it for a second time and the browser
> showed my name and an invitation to sign in. But after pressing the sign
> in button the error message appeared again.
> The third time, after pressing the sign in button the "Add this computer
> to Ubuntu One" page appeared and this time I could do it whithout
> trouble.
> I didn't tested the service yet but at least I could add my computer and
> I can connect and disconnect so this is fixed for me and I hope this can
> help others, buy I can't figure out what went wrong.