Comment 0 for bug 956663

Pablo Almeida (pabloalmeidaff9) wrote :

Currently, to share a file with a friend on Ubuntu, you have to copy the file to the Ubuntu One folder (or another syncronized folder), right-click the file and select "Publish" and then right-click the file again to select "Copy web link". This sequence is the same almost every time, and even when you just want to share a file that's already syncronized, you still have to publish and then copy the link. I think this could be simplified for ease of use. I've come up with some solutions:

1) Always copy the file to the clipboard after publishing a file (and tell the user in the notification). This is potentially annoying if the file is big and has not uploaded yet, and the user copies something in the middle of the upload and wants to paste after the publishing is done. This is probably rare enough to be overlooked, but I don't know.

2) Create a new menu entry: "Publish and copy the link". This would do the same as 1), but the user would know what will happen in advance, but this will cause the menu to become even more cluttered, and it is already confusing enough as it is. This could also replace the current "Publish" menu, but then we would need a new menu to stop publishing, so it's not a good deal.

3) Keep the usual menus, but, after clicking "Publish", the user would be asked "Copy the link to the file (for sharing) after publishing?" in a simple "yes/no" prompt. Additionally, a "Set this as default and never ask again" checkbox would do good.