Comment 29 for bug 625193

Alessio Bolognino (themolok) wrote :

I agree that "ugliness" is subjective, but seriously, 82 persons in less than 2 days confirmed that they find this wallpaper ugly; that is, 82 persons with an account considered this wallpaper so ugly that they checked on launchpad if there was a bug report about this and confirmed it, even though changing the wallpaper takes like 10 seconds!

The preview of the new GTK theme was also released recently, but the same audience that is complaining about this wallpaper think it's nice, or at least not so bad to actually complaining so vigorously. Is there a very active bug report saying that the new theme is ugly? Has the Ubuntu Community ever complained SO much about the wallpaper?

To me all this should be enough for the developers to reconsider the default wallpaper.