Comment 22 for bug 625193

Vish (vish) wrote :

Maybe I wasnt clear in my previous comment regarding the bug status change!
I dont disregard the opinion of reporter or others who have commented here. And I did not say the wallpaper is perfect.

But *as a bug* , this bug has nothing more that subjective comments about the wallpaper.
Which does not make it a valid bug, but rather an Opinion.

Here is how i read the bug, its an "I dont like this, so change it!" , hence I ask "why dont you like it?" :-)
This is a similar question which will be asked on any bug report, which requests a change in the behavior of the app or the OS.

No one is expected to be an artist here, I'm just questioning why this is a bug!

People interested in discussing/questioning the wallpaper can rather bring up the discussion on the Ayatana mailing list.
A launchpad bug report is *not* the place for discussions.

@ Maia, I did not make the wallpaper. There is no supposed 'artistically sound' master piece of mine here! ;-)
And what do you mean popular vote? who voted? where?
Just because a tabloid's comment section spews with hate comments does not make it a popular vote of the entire Ubuntu community. Lets not drag unnecessary mentions on this bug report here and kindly stay on topic for this bug!