Comment 18 for bug 625193

Vish, you must be joking. You don't have to write an artistic critique to convey that the idea of taking a previous picture, adding a few splotches of color that really does not go well with the theme, (orange and purple have no relationship with each other, which is why NO ONE LIKES IT, as it does not please the aesthetic perspectives of our brains) is a really bad idea. Assuming this is actually a joke, a serious attempt by the guys who "improved this" can only be considered pathetic at the most, as the differences are literally just a couple of orange splotches, the quality not something that can be considered anything beyond a subjective idea of "ugly" although I will admit that design is COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE. My point being, is that thinking that all of this is a good idea is quite a bug, if not with the wallpaper itself (although it is) then with the guy who made the damn changes. If you can get a professional to design a new font, you can pick a damn homeless guy off the street to design something as simple as a wallpaper.

Canonical, save this for April 1. Really.