Comment 43 for bug 629622

ETA guessimate: "next week"

  9. Upload to main archive

No license, no source. ...For the latter:

I had a good chat with Malcolm today at Dalton Maag---the build
process is much simpler than I'd expected. There are two input files
per font, one .vfb (FontLab) and one extended .ttf containing source
tables belonging to MS-VTT (from the previous revision). The
merging/overwriting is based on keeping a separate (manual) record of
what was changed higher up the stack in FontLab and then not importing
the metadata for those glyphs.

This means in terms of source code, we'd be getting/shipping three
files per weight, the last of which is the compiled .ttf (which people
are already familiar with) and the other two which would go in the
source distribution.

 13. Fix 'High' and 'Critical' bugs

Spent some time exploring fonttools/ttLib from Python and have a
proof-of- concept for re-injecting the debug glyphs from /code/,
rather than human time (much more reliable since they'll definitely
match!). Bug #640623.


uff-0.68 is still in-hand. Discussed the issue of webfont deployment
with Mark---providing a working out-of-the-box/centralised offering
will likely encourage web developers and users to use that solution
rather than rolling their own---which more easily solves the problem
of keeping webfonts up-to-date.