Comment 39 for bug 629622

ETA: "next week"

  0a. 'ubuntu-typeface-interest' PPA access
  7c. Stale font version detection - TBC

The second website have got in contact and been extremely helpful.
In addition to now pointing to the 'ubuntu-typeface-interest' wiki howto,
they have very usefully supplied a definitive set of four .ttf files---it
should be possible fingerprint against these and detect/warn the user
if they have stale versions present and the packaging system can't catch.

  1a. Short-term libre-licensing (bug #632411) - Mark + N

See comment #38 from Mark.

  1b. Longer-term libre-licensing - Mark + $others

Various tweaks in the last 24 hours. I'll let Dave pass this on to Mark
when he's comfortable.

  7b. Write+Include documentation in source/wiki/.deb - Paul, Dave, ...

FAQ additions and some other documentation. Anything about licensing will
have to be created following any decision.

  9. Upload to main archive - Paul

Blocked: lack of "source code" and licence.

Chatting over the weekend about bug #640526 ("DVCS/source layou"), I
suspect what we need to document _first_ is the build process being used
for the Ubuntu Font Family by Dalton Maag---this should then give a
definitive overview of what /software/ (and therefore what multiple-levels
of config/input files) there need to be, for the process to be replicated
by somebody else.

Additionally I have uff-0.68 in-hand, which I've held off uploading to
the PPA because of the missing debug glyphs. ...Although in the matra of
release-early release-often I'm tempted to upload anyway and deal with
the regression afterwards.