Comment 2 for bug 1282364

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

On 2014-02-20 04:09, John Kim wrote:
> Do you think the Adding Input Methods information (the one present) is
> necessary?
> * Based on my experiences, even if I add Korean in the
> Keyboard Layout setting and I switch between the input methods,
> I can't use Korean.

This is what I did:

- Installed ibus-hangul (actually it's installed automatically if you
  install Korean from Language Support, so you shouldn't need to
  install it explicitly).

- Logged out and logged in again.

- Added Korean Hangul via Text Entry.

- Clicked the input source indicator and switched to Hangul.

With that I could enter some funny (supposedly Korean) characters. ;-)

> * Super+Space seems broken, as it doesn't even change the keyboard input
> method.

Yes, it's broken. Currently you can make it work by changing to something else and then back to Super+Space. But that's not good enough.

I have been told it will be fixed, and it really should be. Otherwise they should change to some default that works (e.g. Ctrl+Shift L).

> At least for the Asian user, IBus works far better and is more practical.

This is not about using Text Entry *or* IBus. Text Entry makes use of IBus behind the scenes.

Some people dislike the 13.10 and 14.04 implementation of keyboard layouts and input methods. But from a docs writing POV that's irrelevant. 14.04, which is a LTS, will be shipped with the Text Entry GUI, so we should try to fix the docs accordingly.