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Bug #1987454: Port ubiquity to libsoup3 - ubiquity crashes if gir1.2-soup-3.0 is installed in live system High Triaged 10 weeks
Bug #1994502: ubiquity crashes by a missing translation string Undecided New 57 weeks

From: Yao Wei
Link: lp1994502.patch

Bug #1943816: "ubuntu-drivers install" needs to be used when installing nvidia-driver if enabling "third-party packages" Undecided New 108 weeks
Bug #1891599: installation stopped by an random exception from mark_install() in Cache class of python3-apt Medium Fix Committed 169 weeks
Bug #1886238: Ubiquity does not allow skipping install modules Undecided Confirmed 178 weeks

From: Aidan Ha
Link: ubiquity.patch

Bug #1857398: ubiquity should support encryption by default with zfsroot, with users able to opt in to running change-key after install Undecided Confirmed 205 weeks
Bug #1822743: partman: needs to ignore entire /cdrom device Undecided New 243 weeks
Bug #1819765: Add arm64 support Undecided Confirmed 246 weeks
Bug #1670336: Ubiquity problem with encrypted home option: system hangs because of ecryptfs-setup-swap not working with swapfiles Undecided Confirmed 351 weeks
Bug #704763: boot loader not installed to target disk High Confirmed 467 weeks
Bug #1242572: xkeyboard-config, console-setup, and ubiquity should use Super+Space for switching keyboard layouts Wishlist Confirmed 479 weeks
Bug #1294858: Installer does not install all language support packages Low Confirmed 505 weeks
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