Comment 22 for bug 741304

Kent Baxley (kentb) wrote :


Thanks for taking a look. I ran through an install using Simplified Chinese for starters.

The detailed steps at this stage of the Dell installer are as follows:

1) User selects language.
2) User agrees to Dell EULA.
3) Timezone is selected (Shanghai is default).
4) Keyboard preferences are selected. Here is where we see USA being offered as a default option.
5) Username, System Name, Password, etc. are filled in.
6) User is given option to create recovery media.
7) Installation cleans up / finishes up.
8) User is brought to their new desktop.

In all of the above, starting with step 2, the Simplified Chinese language is used in all the menus, etc. The only questionable thing is the default keyboard layout selection. In our case it is defaulting to USA.

Attached is a tarball with the following logs and debug-oem-config turned on:


I'll also go through an install using Traditional Chinese and attach the logs.