Comment 12 for bug 690926

Stephan Muhs (stephan-dinoco) wrote :


I am sure you are a very good panelist, as you are brilliant at twisting the discussion in a way that makes it impossible to get in a good answer. I will answer any way:

- You don't have hard numbers to support the removal of the "Don't install boot loader option". You Just assume there is no reason for it to be there. So: no numbers from you.

- At the same time, you demand "hard numbers" from those with an opposing view, knowing that such statistics don't exist.

- As a hint: anybody installing more than one Linux distro on the same machine - or trying to support you by testing alpha and beta versions - may have his or her reasons to have the boot loader left alone by the Ubuntu installer.

- In the end, it just boils down to you telling us that you have decided that it will be that way and we can go to hell.

Personal Note: probably this is moot for me anyway, since the installer in Natty (from alpha1 to current beta) has failed to do one single install for me without crashing.