Comment 13 for bug 686859

nh2 (nh2) wrote :


@dino99 (#12) What do you mean with "the actual valid ubiquity is not the same as the one reported here". Just above your comment there is a confirmation that this bug is still present in 16.04.

> corner cases with unusual supported tweaks

As can be read in the issue description, this is from a *plain live disk*, with 1 package installed (lvm). There cannot be any "unusual tweaks" you are talking about, and it's unclear to me what you mean by "unsupported". This is a standard installation procedure.

> Closing that one that will never get attention now.

Changing the bug number won't do anything. Forcing the 14 "affects me too" people to subscribe to a new bug with exactly the same contents does something, but nothing positive.