Comment 35 for bug 67130

craigstrydom (cstrydom) wrote :

Hi Guys,

I seem to have a similar problem during installation but I am using preseed files + linuxcoe installation disc.

I have configured three partitions: /home, /, swap.
The idea is when re-installations are nessaccary, to simply kill / and swap and leave /home.

This works fine on some systems but gives "no root file system is specified" error on others during the installation - text only, no gui.
ALT+F4 gives - "No matching physical volumes found" and "No volume groups found"

All systems tested are Dell as the company I work for standardized.

All tests were with the same cd and same preseed files using parted v1.7.1. Libata module is used for the harddrive.

As soon as I remove the string specifing /home, I get the error msg. If I leave the string, it leaves the original /home, and creates the new partitions - /home, /, swap eg 2x /home partitions.

The startup disk I have comes from and I configured the preseed files to our server details.

I have tried killing all partitions with fdisk and Partition magic, recreating the /home before installation, and even running it on a blank harddrive.
It seems to not like some systems.

Any ideas as to what I could try?

Thank you very much,