Comment 31 for bug 67130

Nazo (nazosan) wrote :

Are you sure? I still have had the problem in every version I've tried so far. That includes not just 6.10, but both beta and stable versions of 7.04 (Feisty Fawn.) I thought I remembered seeing it on 6.06, but it has been a while, so I'm not sure.

However, I have a little peice of good news for you people, and sorry I didn't think to check bug reports sooner, but back on 6.10 I discovered a better workaround on my own. I realized that it's just a silly mistake in the partitioner in that it won't offer / as an option -- I presume this is intentional for filesystems that it assumes can't run linux and someone forgot to add ReiserFS in the list of those that do. Here is what you do. Select ext3 for the filesystem, and set it as root. Ok that. Edit it, and change the filesystem type to ReiserFS (don't touch the mountpoint) and ok that. Presto, I presume that this is another bug that I'm exploiting, but whatever the case is, the end result is that the installer will accept ReiserFS as root.