Comment 8 for bug 558593

Robbie Williamson (robbiew) wrote :

> is this an unexpected result that happens rarely (a bug) or does this
happen every time?

Happens every time

> was it known that this would happen when we developed the feature
Yes. However, the feature was delivered on January 13th:
  revno: 3654
  fixes bug(s):
  committer: Evan Dandrea <email address hidden>
  branch nick: ubiquity
  timestamp: Wed 2010-01-13 17:28:10 +0000
   Remove oem-config on successful completion (LP: #210779)

We received no feedback until the bug submitter raised the issue on irc with ev and cjwatson on April 1st, after Beta 2 Freeze (see attachment), and the bug itself was only just opened last week.

> does the developer think this is OK to ship?
Given ev had no feedback on it, I would assume he did, until being notified on April 1st, and (imo) it would have been hard to consider it very critical, as there was no bug filed. To be clear, I agree this is ugly, but fixing it now is a real risk to the stability of oem-config in general.

 - what the estimation is to do this properly (cleanly)
ev will answer this.