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This bug was fixed in the package partman-base - 141ubuntu1

partman-base (141ubuntu1) maverick; urgency=low

  * Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
    - Ubiquity integration: If PARTMAN_NO_COMMIT is set, then exit rather
      than running commit.d and finish.d scripts; add a partman-commit
      script; dump extra information to /var/lib/partman/snoop if
      PARTMAN_SNOOP is set; check for per-menu 'no_show_choices' file in
      ask_user and don't reshow the menu if it exists.
    - Don't skip over dmraid devices if the user chooses not to activate
    - If the only thing mounted on a disk is the installation medium and it
      uses more or less the whole disk, then silently exclude that disk; if
      the installation medium is mounted but doesn't use the whole disk,
      issue a warning that partitioning may be difficult; if anything else
      is mounted, offer to unmount it. partman/filter_mounted=false disables
    - Use ext4 as the default filesystem for new partitions.
    - Build with -O2 on powerpc to avoid a suspected toolchain bug.
  * Remove cleanup trap in partman-commit, whose only effect is to break
    repeated runs of partman-commit (LP: #536673).

partman-base (141) unstable; urgency=low

  * parted 2.1 changed the semantics of ped_disk_clobber: it now zeroes out
    the first few and last few sectors of the disk, regardless of whether
    there appears to be a valid partition table on it. Unfortunately, this
    means that creating a filesystem on a whole disk device and then calling
    ped_disk_commit_to_dev zeroes the filesystem header we just created. To
    avoid this, call ped_disk_commit_to_dev only if the partition doesn't
    start at sector zero (LP: #539324, #549260).
  * Check return values from asprintf for memory allocation failures.
  * Ignore free space smaller than the grain size of the partition creation
    constraint, rather than only free space smaller than a cylinder.
  * Always leave a small gap at the end of the disk (except on device-mapper
    devices), to avoid confusing mdadm by leaving the MD 0.90 superblock at
    the end of the disk as well as the end of a partition (LP: #527401).
  * Allow preseeding partman/alignment to "cylinder", "minimal", or
    "optimal"; "cylinder" restores old alignment behaviour for the benefit
    of those with crotchety BIOSes, while "optimal" is the default.
  * Don't apply optimal alignment to extended partitions (LP: #558382).

  [ Updated translations ]
  * German (de.po) by Holger Wansing
  * Georgian (ka.po) by Aiet Kolkhi
  * Lithuanian (lt.po) by Kęstutis Biliūnas
  * Tamil (ta.po) by Dr,T,Vasudevan

partman-base (140) unstable; urgency=low

  * Don't warn about data loss on formatted/removed partitions when there
    are no such partitions (LP: #151266).
  * Build against parted 2.2.
  * Use linux-swap(v1) instead of linux-swap(new) to reflect changes to
    parted (thanks, Evan Dandrea; closes: #539908).
  * Apply optimal alignment constraints to new partitions, or when
    maximising an extended partition (LP: #530071).
  * Add an ALIGNMENT_OFFSET command which can be used to detect whether a
    partition is misaligned.

  [ Updated translations ]
  * French (fr.po) by Christian Perrier
  * Lithuanian (lt.po) by Kęstutis Biliūnas
 -- Colin Watson <email address hidden> Sat, 08 May 2010 15:14:55 +0200