Comment 7 for bug 536673

Dion Blundell (dion) wrote :

install of Lucid Desktop Live Daily 2004-04-12 fails.

I downloaded the ISO from here:
I used unetbootin to write it to a USB drive and installed on ASUS EeePC 1005PE

Same crash again.

It throws up an error when trying to copy user data,
it says to check /var/log/syslog
so that is attached.

I'm happy to re-run with anything else that might be useful to you, but would need direction to an FAQ/Howto

I could install Beta1.

I don't know if it is of note, but I have windows and Lucid 10.04 beta1 also installed, my partitions look like this:

My partition table is:
/dev/sda1 31.3GB primary ntfs windows 7
/dev/sda2 32.9MB primary efi bootbooster
/dev/sda3 10.7GB primary fat32 hidden windows recovery partition
/dev/sda4 181GB extended partition
/dev/sda5 2624MB logical linux-swap(v1)
/dev/sda6 157GB logical ext4 home directory for 10.04 beta1, not used for this install
/dev/sda7 10.5GB logical ext4 THIS IS THE PARTITION that I am installing to...
/dev/sda8 10.5GB logical ext4 with a working copy of Lucid 10.04 Beta1 installed from USB
free space 25.3GB