Comment 63 for bug 536673

Dion Blundell (dion) wrote :

I have tried 20100426.2 and migration assistant either works, or doesn't crash - this is good.
I've tried installing 6 times now, and only once did migration assistant not work, at which time it said "no information available for import" but it _did not crash_, the install was still successful. The other times it detected my Windows 7 install and wanted to import, but I did not allow it to import.

As a side note, it would install successfully under the following conditions:
1) re-using/re-formatting existing partitions
2) starting from scratch partition wise
3) adding partitions to an existing extended partition that had free space

where as previous
scenario 1) would crash
scenario 2) would work
scenario 3) would throw up a partitioning error

For what it's worth, I do not get the errors/issues of post #52 above no matter how hard I try, and can't reproduce them.

Hope this is of use.