Comment 52 for bug 536673

Jane Atkinson (irihapeti) wrote :

I tried again, this time with 20100426.2 version and resizing the partition that I wanted to install to.

The migration assistant gets stuck here:

"Failed to unmount partitions"

"Migration assistant needs to mount a partition but cannot do so because the following mount point could not be unmounted:


Please close any applications using these mount points.

Would you like the migration assistant to try to unmount these partitions again?"

If I click "continue", the message just redisplays itself after a split second. I can't get past this point.

I started the install as soon as the disk had booted, so any applications using that partition are not launched by me.

I'm installing to /dev/sdb3. It may be that the previous install I was installing to /dev/sda3, because Lucid is inconsistent about how it labels my hard drives (mix of SATA and IDE).

P.S. I can't quit ubiquity without killing it from a terminal.