Comment 47 for bug 536673

Dion Blundell (dion) wrote :

The problem with this issue is related to _partitioning_

This is a regression from ubuntu 9.10, the issues talked about below do not exist in 9.10

This issue only happens when you are trying to install into the _extended_ partition

The issue is that the partition manager that is part of ubiquity is broken
It may be related to:

What happens is that Ubuntu 10.04 installer tries to create a logical partition in the extended partition, and this fails if the extended partition exists AND already has 1 or more logical partitions. It succeeds if the extended partition doesn't exist, OR the extended partition is empty.

Ubiquity in 10.04 does something strange with making gaps between the extended partition and the 3 previous primary partitions. It also trys to create gaps between logical partitions.

Basically, partitioning in ubiquity of 10.04 is BROKEN, and that leads to the migration assistant issues.

I have only managed to make it 10.04 install so far because I was telling ubiquity to use/re-format an existing partition. When you choose to use ubiquity to create partitions at install and there already are 4 paritions, eg 3 primary + extended, install fails. The error message is:
"ERROR!!! : Unable to satisfy all constraints on partition [OK]"
"ERROR!!! : Can't have overlapping partitions [OK]"

So, partitioning in the install process of Ubuntu 10.04 is really broken.

Incidentally, migration assistant works IF and ONLY IF you allow ubiquity to create your partitions.

Basically, this issue exists for people with existing operating systems.
So this issue with ubiquity has potential to trash someones system if they already have two operating systems, me for example with windows and a previous ubuntu with a swap file.

I would consider this issue to be significant, and suspect that if this issue of partition manager is released with ubiqity, then ubuntu 10.04 will quickly loose traction as peoples computers are left unbootable, and it is certainly not a viable LTS, as people will be waiting for 10.10 which does install reliably.

I suggest that if it is decided to release this, that you need to go back to the partition manager that came with 9.10

What's more, the ubiquity installer creates a messy partition table.
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